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Peer reviewer for Clinical Orthopaedics and Related Research  2006 - Present.

US7763080 B2

        Implant System with Migration Measurement Capacity. Sole inventor,

        Issued 7/27/2010.

US 7390310 B2

        Shunt Valve Locking Mechanism (originator of primary invention claim), Issued


US 20040111162 A1

        Apparatus and Method for Advancing Synovial Fluid in a Prosthetic Joint. Sole inventor, Issued


US 6755866 B2

        Prosthetic Stem with Bearings. Sole inventor, Issued 6/29/2004

US 5935084

        Inflatable pressure indicator. Sole inventor, Issued 8/10/1999

Carleton Southworth: Curriculum Vitae

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