1977BA Psychology, Cum LaudeVassar College
                Distinction for Exceptional Research awarded for research on experimenter-induced       bias

1984MS (Ph.D. Course work completed) I/O Pysch. University of  Tennessee
                Awarded Capital Gifts Grant
Taught introductory and senior level courses for Management Science Department


               Statistics I
               Statistics II
               Statistics III
               Experimental Design I
               Experimental Design II
               Quasi-Experimental Design
               Quantitative Employee Selection
               Multivariate Statistics
               Program Evaluation (Quantitative Methods)
               Statistical Software (SAS, SPSS, BMDP)



                                Payment for Drugs, Devices, and Biotechnology

                                GMP Overview

                                Preproduction Quality Assurance

                                Monitoring Clinical Trials

                                Remote Study Monitoring

                                Software and Medical Devices

                                HIMA Seminar on Regulatory Compliance

                                Biostatistics (one week advanced course with Karl Peace, instructor)

                                Writing IDEs and Conducting Clinical Studies

                                Bayesian Statistics

                                Sample Size Determination with nQuery Advisor
In addition to these courses, which were specifically aimed at teaching quantitative methods, many other courses were taken in the field of industrial and organizational psychology aimed at teaching practical uses for applied statistics. The entire program was aimed at approaching industrial psychology from a quantitative perspective. Experimental design applied to field research, the design of instruments intended to collect subject self-reported data, and statistical methods for analyzing results were emphasized in this program.

Formerly certified as a quality engineer (CQE); 830th individual in the country to attain certification in regulatory affairs (RAC).
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